Sometimes it’s a great way to get a big deal to be a very little thing and not hard to do! Especially when you are just plain old dog tired and of course the food was just fantastic and the timing was great… I guess I have just not got my chops going on yet ! Which is a given…. time,  and then my surgery on my neck and just getting back into my groove…. and that’s just gonna take some time and practice and patience for which I have not a lot . So I decided on a meal that I could have made in my sleep and I baked his moms cake. So I made went to the store picked up some steaks, giant russet potatoes, chive are coming up in my garden and I decided to make his favorite vegi, Hot Broccoli! The cake I mentioned is Gam’s lemon cake which is here on the site! And when I got home and walked into my beautiful kitchen. And I could feel my hand again because the neck disc replacement surgery was a super success . And I just don’t know what I would have done with my life if it wasn’t for my husband Greg, he told me that I was going to be fine and I am not quite there yet because I’m limited to the FDA approval of a operation that is done with great success in Europe all the time. And  of course we don’t have socialized medical care here, but that’s why I am so in love with him, because he push’s the envelope and gets things done that most people I have known never did. The only one that you can count on with your life is right next to you? I don’t know how much more I can say, except that I love you sweetheart and Happy Birthday!

So if you don’t know how to cook a steak, you will have to be shot and then  baked potatoes are not very much trouble but it’s just the

“Hot Broccoli that’s not going to be in any of the books on your shelf or anywhere in the world because I am it’s creator, ya I know what you are thinking 🤔 what is your secret and ya know what? I am going to tell you that for the first time on Jennisdish! Can you say easy? Cool and that’s my favorite thing about cooking, I just think it is going to be a very good thing…and low and behold it is

Take 3 crowns of broccoli 🥦 and cut into trees, bite size trees that is, now chop:

1 Serrano pepper

3 cloves of garlic and 3 slices of any sweet onion , chop into the same sizes of the Serrano and put a good couple of tbl spoons of good olive oil and then throw everything in the pan at once on high stirring up to get some color also known as carmelization going on and then add just enough water to stop the process and turn the heat down and cover! And in about 7 minutes you have your beautiful heart healthy and delicious side dish! Salt and pepper to taste and 😉 enjoy!


jennifer green maggini©️2018