• As I started thinking about what the first rotisserie must have looked like, and how the one I used simply plugged into the wall and the BBQ was simply a propane tank attached to a grill…it got me thinking of what things are and what they were once…

What is life but the gathering of family and friends, and food and love. Remembering a first kiss, or date,  a birth or death, of a loved one. The time you hit that great home run for the first time, or was able to get your horse to canter and be in perfect rhythm with you. The birth of you first child or any child for that matter, the time you mourned your Mom’s or Dad’s death, in any case there is always food, it is the life’s blood of our society ….. we bring it to events of all kinds and it brings us comfort in times of joy and sorrow. It is delicious yes, but it also holds so many other qualities, it has romantic overtones on dates and special occasions, and has spiritual meaning on certain holidays, and in many faiths. It is such a special thing food, we often overlook this.
I feel so privileged to have this talent of being able to put together meals at the drop of a hat with whatever is in the cupboard and freezer, when there is really nothing that would be good on its own, but the combination of a few things can make the kitchen come to life, make the toaster talk to the crock-pot and make the teapot dance with the wooden spoon like in a animated fairy tale. The music in the background always the same Satellite XM Radio channel 803, the 60’s. Me in my favorite apron….the dogs on there beds etc.
And the technology that has allowed me to share it with people and give them the chance to look inside my head and my heart, how lucky we all are to have each other, to be able to send and receive messages so quickly, but never forgetting that there was a time not all that long ago when things were delivered on horseback by the brave men who rode for the pony express! And that not that many years ago there were times when I was cooking on a wood stove in the mountains that meet the sea in Big Sur with only generator power. So remember all the things that have changed , cherish the memories and look forward to the future, it looks awfully bright from where I’m sitting.