It seems like a dream, to be where I am in life today, and as we all know…today is where it’s at anyways…. It’s like Janis Joplin said, “It’s all the same fucking day man!” But it’s not, because had you told me 6 years ago that I would be happily married to my beautiful husband and best friend, I would have laughed my ass off! If you had told me that my best friend would be the cute little girl I would take care of when she was 5 years old and that she and I have a baby together with me being Aunty Dad, I would be like, ya right!!! But its all true not to mention the house in Carmel that we are remodelling, kitchen first of course,then on and on and on…. a little at a time…or my gorgeous yard with its beautiful roses and vegetables and herbs, prize wining Gladiolas, but I guess you are just gonna have to wait and see then let me know what you think by coming here and commenting on posts and joining the blog , post on Jenni’s Dish about everything you can possibly imagine, tell me what you want to learn about and learn, tell me your name, where you live! Is it close enough to come to a cooking class? Or a one on one personal day in the Jenni’s Dish Kitchen?! Or would you like to hire me and my staff to come put on a party for you and your friends, or a lovely romantic dinner for two, catering to your every whim, of course! It’s gonna be a fun ride and you’re personally invited to join me on this journey into Food, Mixology, storytelling and having the balls to just be the real thing ….cause you can talk the talk…..but you are gonna have to walk the walk!!!Come on! Please don’t doddle, try to keep up! Oh and for those of you who are interested in medicinal cooking, using herbs and things to spice up a healthy lifestyle, well we’ve got that too! So hang on to your brims buck-a roos, because we are gonna blow the top off of the normal day to day stuff! Let’s think OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!! LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, COOK!!!
©  Jennifer Green Maggini