As Mother’s Day approaches we are constantly reminded of it. Everywhere you look there is some Hallmark type slogan or “MOM” in giant letters, saying “BUY ME! BUY ME!” However much I disagree with these companies’ make-believe holidays, they keep my mind filled with memories of homemade cards I made out of doilies and little lost pieces of ribbon and glitter with hearts and flowers and peace signs on construction paper of which I served my mother with breakfast in bed – into my 30’s! But for those of us who have no kids and whose Mothers have long since passed, it’s more a day of bittersweet longing of days gone by. The day conjures up all kinds of feelings. Joys and sorrows with which we either celebrate or mourn, I have found that celebrating is much more fun and a healthier alternative. Many of you who knew my Mom, Louise, will understand that her belief system was that you do not really die, you just move on.

So with that in mind, I’ve created dishes that I think she would love. Food to celebrate her life. Louise was vegan, so it’s always fun to come up with new ways to delight the palate and senses in a way she would grant her seal of approval while using really great, fresh ingredients.

Super Food Salad was born out of necessity. While at a friend’s home for dinner, we were cooking a really wonderful pasta dish and when it was ready to be served I thought, “No salad? There must be something to make a salad out of in the fridge AND it’s so fun to look through someone else’s fridge.”
So I started investigating. “Spinach and blueberries!”, I proclaimed. which I threw threw in a bowl… “Hmmmm!”, I thought, “What now?”. And thats all it took. I searched the door of the fridge for condiments and found some Trader Joe’s Sweet Hot Mustard to which I added equal parts balsamic vinegar and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). I tossed the whole thing together and the original Super Food Salad was born! My friend was extremely impressed.

Now, we enjoy many versions of this beautiful salad. However, I never change the dressing because as simple as it sounds, IT ROCKS AS IS!!! A combo of sweet hot sour and savory all at the same time makes each bite is better than the last. It’s a great side salad, but add your protein of choice and a entree is born. My Mom would totally approve!

I hope you enjoy it! Just use your imagination when it comes to the ingredients. And for all you Moms and kids out there, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Super Food Salad w/ Sweet Hot Mustard Dressing:

I again added what was in the kitchen which turned out to be:

Glazed Walnuts

Sweet Hot Mustard Dressing:
Trader Joe’s Sweet Hot Mustard and add equal parts balsamic vinegar and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

And as always, enjoy!

Jennifer Green Alger © 2012