We recently had the joy of watching over our cousin Arika and her wife Cindy’s 10-week-old twins, Paulina and Sebastian, for the afternoon. It was a gift to have them for a few hours while their mommies got a chance to catch a movie and a meal on their own. It seemed like the whole family came together to pitch in: My brother Jim, my niece Maxine, my niece Lindsey and her hubby Josh, my sister Karen and her hubby Charles all got in on the action, just hangin’ out with the two little angels. A great time was had by all. I for one was in heaven!!! The babes were so cute and sweet, only just becoming Aware and so and amazed at every little thing. Kind of like me, tee hee! Very sensory, looking through these beautiful brand new eyes at all that is around them. Babies — YAY!!!

And as a matter of fact I make a simple salad with a baby-friendly ingredient, namely fennel. Fennel is not just delicious and versitile — it goes with everything — but it also happens to be a wonderful digestive with healing properties many people are unaware of, including that it’s made into a tea or tonic to treat, and even to prevent, colic in infants, so you know it’s good!!!
                                                                     Baby Paulina
                                                                   Baby Sebastian

Fennel and Cucumber Salad:
2 bulbs fennel out side and bottom trimmed(keep and roughly chop any of the feathery fronds to add at the end, as they make a beautiful and tasty addition)
4-5 small cuc’s peeled and seeded
Fresh or dried Dill to taste
Adobo seasoning to taste
Rice vinegar to coat
A sprinkle of turbinado sugar
Cayenne (optional)
Toss well and serve.

And as always, Enjoy!!!
© Jennifer Green Alger