I was getting restless, even stressing into the night, about what to do about promoting myself, the blog, the food . . . My short-term answer: Why not go get my nails done?!! At least I’d feel better about life in general, since as everyone knows, a mani-pedi is a cure-all for everything! Just arriving at Nailtica in Beverly Hills I felt better just knowing I was going to get pampered, which I knew would pull me out of my funk. And then, as I walked in, I saw my fabulous hairdresser and friend, Aleeza, of Batia and Aleeza. As she was leaving, she looked at my hair and said in her gruff but quite sexy Israeli accent “I missed some spots on your highlights — you come to the shop and I fix for you!” Destiny was unfolding!
I know this because as I walked into Batia and Aleeza’s, everyone who worked there said “Where did you disappear to after you dropped off those muffins the other day, THEY WERE FABULOUS!!!” Talking about that they and I devised a plan for me to bring in some more muffins the next Friday, along with with some business cards, and they would put them out for the clientele on the busiest day of the week. Needless to say I was thrilled — freebie or not, it’s exposure, word of mouth — that’s how you start ANYTHING!
My mind was reeling with possibilities from this great thing the universe had tossed into my lap! However, Friday just happened to be two days away, so I needed a plan of action pronto!! I started mentally compiling a shopping list and was thinking up new recipes before they finished my hair and hey, once again I was off and running!! YAY!!! Or as my dear friend Angie would say, YIPPEE!!!! The varieties came to me in my sleep that night: orange cherry (gluten-free, low fat, low sugar), two super-healthy, bran types (banana maple pecan and applesauce cranberry, both also low fat/low sugar) and one decadent choice, chocolate chocolate chip with white and dark chips — this one I named “Who Cares!” Soon they all may have clever names!!!
I just wanted to share these photos with you folks who have stuck with me all this time, which means the world to me — you are the flame for my fire, what keeps me inspired on a daily basis to continue in this endeavor. To awaken every morning and see all the great comments and get all revved up to start my day is AWESOME!!! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me! Jenni
And as always, Enjoy!!!
LIVE, to the fullest, LOVE, till it hurts, LAUGH the very hardest, and of course, COOK, with the last three ingredients and it will always come out great!!!
© Jennifer Green Alger 2010