Okay, I don’t know about you guys , but good old fashioned Cheese Blintzes, are hard to come by here in the south, and I’ve made several attempt’s at making them myself only to be sorely disappointed, time and time again, and as you know, I am pretty clever in the kitchen. So in recent weeks I’ve noticed a trend on some of the other foodie blogs I check out, I’m branching out to see what other people out there are doing. And someone recently told me, that not everyone stays home all day, thinking about, and preparing and writing about food! What? They don’t, bummer, for them. So here’s a good one for those people, whoever they are!!!
      I am a very curious girl, and some of my favorite blogs, do recipes that cheat, and cheating, unless it’s done to hurt someone, can be a lot of fun! Especially in this day and age where there are products, made to make life easier, meals quicker, and leaving a person a little more me time! So did some research and poking around the grocery stores frozen food section, and found these blintzes by accident, as I was looking for something completely different, which is for another recipe, completely unrelated! They are made by a brand called, simply “Golden”, and are cheap, like $3.50 for six, and I immediately snatched them up for Sunday Brunch, got some Fat Free Sour Cream and some Strawberry Jam, a couple of Oranges, and Violá!
        So to give yourself a nice easy Sunday Brunch this weekend and be able to relax, and watch a movie, or read your favorite Cook Books like me, or simply do nothing unlike me!
         There’s a place in Carmel, CA. called Little Swiss Cafe, that Kim and I go to especially for Blintzes, we have been going there for years, and these are better! Sorry Little Swiss you need to get those puppy’s out of the microwave and into a pan of Butter!!!! Butter!!!! I just like writing it, Butter!! Yum!! I think Julia Child just passed thru me!!! Wow!!!
That was cosmic, and now, let’s get on with it!
      The trick to making them really good, is they must be carefully pan fried in…. well, you guessed it, butter. If using unsalted which is all I use, a pinch of salt is required, as salt makes sweet really pop! Add it to the butter as it’s melting in the pan.
      Another trick is that you want to turn these once maybe twice they are extremely delicate once they defrost, which is done in the pan, Never defrost first , and try to cook these, it will not work and can bring a grown woman to tears, when you end up with scrambled cheese and dough!

Golden Browned Cheese Blintzes w/ Sour Cream and Strawberry Jam

1 package Golden Cheese Blintzes Frozen
Sour Cream 
Strawberry Jam
2-3 TBLS. Butter
In a med non stick skillet over med heat melt butter add salt. Add:
6 Frozen Cheese Blintzes, giving a gentle shake, to prevent sticking and just let them go about 5 minutes,
Turn carefully with a spatula, and do the same on the other side, for five minutes, now they should be golden brown on both sides, might not be thawed all the way thru, so turn to lowest setting and cover, slightly cracked open on one end, to let steam escape, so they don’t get soggy from condensation.
Let rest there on low for another 5 minutes, and they are done!
Carefully place with a spatula onto plate with a dollop of Sour Cream and Jam, Garnish with Orange slices and serve!!!

And as always, Enjoy!!!

© Jennifer Green Alger 2010