Rus Gib Rehearsal at Rocky Creek House
Jeremiah Slate, Kim Candler, Jennifer Green, Brian Moore

                                 BSTV, Variety Show House Band, Greg Fredricks, Judy Share
This is a great recipe I’ve been making for years, that’s good for lunch , brunch,  dinner, or anytime! It’s been with me since I can remember, back in the day’s of keeping so busy, I’m not even sure now how we did it!. A lot of my older recipe’s were born, of being in the restaurant biz, and doing live theatre, w/ “The Big Sur Players”,  Jeremiah Slate, and Kim Candler, founders, we were doing Plays, in the form of  “dinner theatre”, and a weekly variety show, live, called “B.S.T.V.”,in which our sudonym’s were Dakota, and Montana,  and  whom had also formed a band, Rus Gib, (Big Sur backwards), and a band, I had formed, with my old friend Paul Stern, called “South Coast Scandal”, which could not have been more appropriate, and working constantly, without much time for anything else. As if that wasn’t enough, and I lived in Palo Colorado Canyon, north of Big Sur, and my place of employment, and place of most of our theatre performances, still my favorite job of all time, was The River Inn,  in Big Sur, so commuting back and forth, we were always stressed for time, there just wasn’t enough of it in one day for us!!!! Whenever we had down time, a rare occurrence, my best friend Kim and I, would hide out at her house, or mine, and cook, and eat, and try to regain our strength, so we could go right back out, to see “The Young Presidents”, our favorite band, and friends, play in Monterey, and dance, like Go-Go- Girls straight out of the sixtys, dressed to fit the part, of course, till we dropped. If we had time, on the way, we’d stop and go shopping at high speed, for new outfits, and change in the car. We were on over-drive, ready to Rock and Roll. And as we lived pretty much next door to each other, she and I, pretty much lived, worked, commuted, and performed, acted/sang, wrote, cooked, and partied together. We were a comedy team the likes, of, Tina and Amy of SNL , w/a little dash of “Romy and Michelle” meets, Patsy and Eddy of “Absolutely Fabulous”! I know, right?

Kim and Jen Rockin it with Rus Gib

More fun was never had by two humans, doing everything, or absolutely nothing. We cracked ourselves up, and anyone around us, and it was so contagious. Life was good, we were young, and having the time of our lives! With nothing but energy, and creativity, and insane work ethics,  I get tired just thinking about it! So this, “PIE”is one of the things I would throw together, that could be eaten either sitting down, or much more often than not, on the run. She is still my BFF, after all these years and living 3000, miles apart, and this post is for her!
        And I’d also like to mention that my Mom, Louise(see pic) was at every gig we did. Rain or shine, acting or singing, rehearsing or performing, cheering us on, we love you Louise. In later years Kim had a baby, True, and Louise was her baby nurse, helping her adjust to motherhood, life had changed we had all gone, our different ways, an era was over. But not one of us will ever forget, how much magic we had made happen! Peace!

My Mom, Louise, Bob, Kevin and Perry at rehearsal of I Hate Hamlet

Preheat oven to 350º,
In a well greased pie pan, Place a layer of Tortilla’s to cover bottom and sides,
then alternate, beans, cheese, chiles, olives, a little bit of enchilada sauce, saving the majority of sauce, to pour over finished pie, and cheese, and olives, enough to sprinkle generously, on top.

Dakota and Montana’s Enchilada Pie for Girl’s on the Go-Go!!!!!

1 Package Flour or Corn Tortillas
1  10 oz. can refried beans 
2 sm cans Ortega Green Chiles (diced) 
1 8 oz. Package cheddar Cheese
1 8 oz. package Monterey Jack or Pepper Jack Cheese
1 can black olives (sliced & optional)
1 10 oz. can Enchilada Sauce
Cover and Bake in a 350º oven for 20-30 minutes, uncover and bake 10-15 minutes or until bubbly and  lightly browned. Remove from oven and let sit, at least a 1/2 an hour to set, and it will slice just like pie!
Serve w/ Sour Cream

Salsa Fresca:

2 med lg. tomatoes chopped 
1/3 cup chopped cilantro
1/3 cup chopped green onion
1 lg. Jalapeno (pickled or fresh) seeded and chopped
juice of one lime
drizzle of olive oil
Salt to taste.

                                 Jerimiah Slate, Judy Share, Jennifer Green, Kim Candler in”I Hate Hamlet”
And as always, Enjoy!!!
© Jennifer Green Alger 2009