With the holiday’s upon us, we tend to eat more things we usually wouldn’t, and for some, drink more than our share! We put the exercise video’s on hold, the Treadmill is growing it’s own cobwebs, and it’s “Just to damn cold out to go for a walk!” But when all else fails, have fun, and enjoy the holiday’s!! There is one trick, for us Ladies, and Metro-Sexual Men out there! And with all the expensive creams, lotions, and potions, that can be bought at the Mall, there’s one sitting in your refrigerator, just waiting to be hatched! The egg. You know the incredible thing?
So hears the deal, crack one open and separate the white, from the yolk, your going to be cooking,  something, at some point today, so don’t you dare throw away the yolk. Save for a cake, cookies or a simple omelet. And for you egg white eaters, one yolk isn’t going to kill ya! Or for a old Bartender like myself, back in the day, I’d make a nice old fashioned Ramos Fizz!!! It’s a waste not want not thing!
Wash your face, and neck, and chest, with a mild soap, rinse, dry completely, and slather egg white, wherever you feel a little droopy, being careful not to get in your eyes, or in your mouth, but I always do my upper lip, and my lids, and under eye with a very small clean make up brush. And of course my chest, as this will assure that that low cut number you where on New Years Eve, will look that much better. Let dry completely, I usually do at least 15 minutes, as it dries you will  feel the skin getting tighter!!!!  It’s absolute brilliance!!!  Rinse with luke warm water, then splash w/ cold!!!!  Do your routine as usual! And enjoy the Holiday’s looking fresher, tighter, and younger! This treatment can be done as often as you like, it’s got nothing in it to harm your skin, as a matter of fact just the opposite!

AND AS ALWAYS, LIVE,LOVE,LAUGH,COOK!!!! (and look good doing it!)
© Jennifer Green Alger 2009