So, back in the day some friends of mine from Big Sur, and I would go out on Monterey Bay, and even further, to catch Salmon, we’d rent a boat, all chip in, and at some ungodly hour of the morning,we’d leave the harbor and on the way out we’d pick up bait, and off into thee wild blue yonder we would go…..Unfortunately, I didn’t always do so good with the sea legs, and would spend the entire trip, sooooo seasick”Good chumming” all my ship mates would yell as loud as they could and, laugh their asses off! Usually I would be joined by at least one other person in this dreadful condition, so as not to be to lonely. But I was a trooper and my shipmates would fill my share of Salmon to capacity, knowing, who would be doing some awesome cooking, once the effects of the sea had warn off, and I was in Chef mode once more!! Here’s a recipe I’ve been making since then, it’s fool proof and delicious!
Have ready a lg cookie sheet well oiled and oven preheated to 375º
1 4 lb. Salmon Fillet skin on, depending how many people you’re feeding, I do a lb per person, and that’s alot. So this would be Dinner for four. Clean Salmon and pat dry, rub lightly all over(skin too) with:
Bertolli Olive Oil
French’s worchestershire sauce a few drops per lb.
Spinkle lightly w/ Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning
Sprinkle lightly w/ Adobo Seasoning
Cover with lots of Fresh Ground Black Pepper or a Pepper combo( Green, Red, White, Black)
Press pepper in lightly
Put in oven for 15 to 17minutes
Stick under Broiler for 1-2 minutes, remove and squeeze the juice of one Orange over the entire fish
Serve with more orange wedges on the side, and as always enjoy!!!!!