My husband Bob and I have celebrated alone for the first four years of our married life, it just always worked out that way, I’d make a couple of Beautiful Balsamic Glazed Cornish Game Hens, w/ all the trimmings, and we’d eat to our little hearts content, pass out and be done w/ it. But this year for some reason I elected myself to cook for everyone, which for me is no biggie, as I am always up to cooking for any reason, it is what I love…my passion. So I decided to share these recipes because everything came out so deliciously, not to toot my own horn, but, I really should be doing this for a living. This all came off the top of my head for the most part, except I do have to give kudos to Racheal Ray for the Stuffin’ Muffin idea, even though I used my own recipe, the stuffing cooked in muffin tins was brilliant!!!! So here’s the menu:

Cajun Orange Glazed Turkey
Gingered Sweet Potato Casserole
Butter and Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes
Gruyere Cheese Green bean Casserole
Sweet Peas w/ Roasted Red, Yellow, and White, Pearl Onions
Apple Sage, and Cranberry, Stuffin’ Muffins
Mushroom and Thyme Turkey Gravy
Sweet Rolls
Dream Bars (Shortbread Crust W/ Pecan, Coconut, and Ghriradelli Chocolate Chip filling)
Recipes to follow…….needless to say it was pretty good, to put it mildly.